Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Looking For Good Chinese Food - The Beginning

First about me: 28 years old professional searching for quality Chinese food in the Boston area.

I have created this blog in the hope that I can get a feel for how Boston and surrounding area residents feel about their Chinese restaurant options. I grew up in New Jersey and spent many a weekend in NYC and the Jersey area eating fantastic Chinese cuisine. It seems as though the restaurant options (take out/delivery/dine in) in Boston do not offer what I consider edible Chinese cuisine. People might say Chinatown offers a great number of restaurants with great food, but I completely disagree. Additionally, if your looking for Chinese food and you don't live downtown, going to Chinatown is not a convenient option. The city of Boston lacks a mid-level price range dine-in restaurant (dishes ranging from $7 - $12) and it is absolutely missing a quality take-out restaurant. My hope is this blog will encourage fellow diners to comment on what they are looking for in a quality Chinese restaurant, and if they have any suggestions of places I might visit.

I will update this post as necessary, from time to time I will visit Chinese restaurants in the Boston area or order take-out, which I then plan to write a small review of the food. If you disagree with any of my comments of the reviewed restaurants, please post them to this blog.